ONLINE Unterricht | Ke-Raum

Gyrokinesis® online lesson


Currently Online lesson is summer break.

We will come back soon again with new plan!

1 Class 50min, donation based. By ZOOM, Instagram live


Berlin time,

Tuesday 7:45AM

Wednesday 19PM

Friday 10AM

Tuesday is 


火曜 14:45PM

金曜 17PM


Morining stretching class

1 Class 30min, donation based

Berlin time, Thursday 8AM

日本時間, 木曜15時


Chair, No rolling a seat and no so high.And better no armrest.

Towel (Normal size is fine)

Apply for ZOOM

Please send a message for ZOOM to

Please ask me at least 15 min before start a lesson.


Instagram live,

Gyrokinesis class: You can watch a lesson beginning of 15 min.

If you want to do until the end, please ask me ZOOM link.

Morning stretching class: You can watch until end of class.


  1. No record online lesson.

  2. It can happen that online lesson interrupt by internet connection problem. In that case online lesson will stop once. And please reconnect again to the Zoom after couple of minutes after interrupt.

  3. The lesson is at your own responsibility!


Really I appreciated about your donation since last month for Ke-Raum and this online lesson!

I would like to keep regular online class as donation based still for now.

And I would like to ask you support for my study for Gyrokinesis essential course with master trainer in Freiburg.

About Gyrokinesis essential course in Freiburg,

This course consist of 3 parts.

Decompression of the lumbar Spine.

Decompression of the thoracic Spine.

Decompression of the cervical Spine.


Using a basic material by Gyrokinesis, we gonna reach those specific purpose. I am sure it will be great benefit for our online class. I hope I can take it on end of May or June. For now it is not clear yet because of corona problem. But when it becomes to possible, I would like to take it as soon as possible.


The cost

The course fee and travel to Freiburg will be around 600 Euro. I need some basic running cost for online class.

GYROTONIC® und GYROKINESIS® sind eingetragene Warenzeichen der Gyrotonic Sales Corp und werden mit deren Genehmigung verwendet.
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