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GYROTONIC® Ausbildung April 2022

GYROTONIC Trainer Ausbildungskurs mit Keisuke Mihara.

GYROTONIC® Level 1 Pre - Training course

Date A

15. Apr.2022 - 20. Apr.2022

Date B

15. Apr.2022 to 17. Apr.2022 + 22. Apr.2022 to 24. Apr.2022

Duration: 6 days

Course: 850,- € plus 150,- € studio fee

Application link: here

Language: English

(Able to support by German and Japanese)

Place: GETICS gesundheit & Athletics

Flinger Broich 91 a

40235 Düsseldorf




Nearest bus station "D-Siedlerweg"

Bus line 737 and 738


In front of the building, there is a cheap parking place or you can park on the street.

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