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Online group lesson start!

Aktualisiert: 6. Apr. 2020

UPDATE! 01.04 There was wrong Weblink and ID for ZOOM ! I really apologies it!


Start from tomorrow 27.March!

Zoom will be better quality for live-streaming for PC, tablet and mobile. Zoom is very easy app for live-steaming. If you don't have it, just copy a weblink which I attached to each class information. Looking forward to your join!

We need Chair and Yogamatt. If you don't have a Yogamatt, then big Towel is fine also:-)

Very important!

1,Live-steaming is not allowed to record!

2,It can happen that Live-streaming interrupt by internet connection problem of flat. In that case I will stop Instagram-live. And please reconnect again by Zoom couple of minutes later after interrupt.

3, The lesson is at your own responsibility! Link for Zoom

Please send me a message to Ke-Raum.

Because of Coronavirus currently there is many online lesson. Here I attach my collaborator link. You can finde a class which the time is fit:-)

Dear People who ask for donation,

Thank you so much for ask to me about donation.

I put here the link

Donation for Ke-raum

I wish you have a good day and stay healthy!




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