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Online regular lesson and NEW! ONLINE Intensive class information for May.

Aktualisiert: 18. Mai 2020

Gyrokinesis online group lesson plan for May.

1 Class 50min, donation based.

Berlin time,

Tuesday 7:45AM (with self massage)

Wednesday 19PM

Friday 10AM


火曜 14:45PM (セルフマッサージ込み)

金曜 17PM

Morining stretching class

1 Class 30min, donation based.

Berlin time, Thursday 8AM

日本時間, 木曜15時

How to apply,

Send us message. You get a link for ZOOM. Please register at least 15min before to start.

NEW! GYROKINESIS intensive class by Ke-Raum

Theme: Floor exercise from Gyrokinesis level 1.

UPDATE on14.May

Starting time on 30th.May had changed!

After warming up we are focusing floor part from Gyrokinesis level 1. The level will be for all, except advance people. If you have a stiff back, prepare a Yoga block which you can make your sitting height 5 to 10cm higher from floor.


If you have a serious back and knee problem. Then I don't recommend to take it. And also if you are not doing a Physical exercise daily. Please to take my online lesson before register. This workshop is for all level. But it not for "complete beginner".

  • Duration, 90 min

  • Cost, 12 Euro (pro day) Early bird until 10.May for 10 Euro!

  • The date, 23.May(sat), 30.May(sat)

  • Time, 23.May(Sat) 10:30(Berlin time), 17:30(日本時間)

30.May(Sat) 10:00(Berlin time), 17:00(日本時間)


  • Yoga matt, or big towel instead of it.

  • Towel (normal size)

  • Chair

How to apply,

Send us message. Which day you want to apply.

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